What began as a discussion between Bob Ley and his wife Sue about what could be done to bring visitors to downtown Cambridge, has evolved into one of the most unique and charming Christmas displays in Ohio. The Victorian architecture, street lamps, and benches that characterized the English history of Cambridge seemed the perfect backdrop for a holiday display reminiscent of 1850’s England.

The focal point of the village became life-like mannequins dressed in authentic period clothing that depicted Christmas scenes from the England of Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens.  Since it’s inception in 2006, the downtown display has grown to include 186 mannequins in 94 unique scenes of the season.  Each site features an informational plaque that shares some history of the Victorian era.

The figures can be found at historic decorated antique lampposts and benches on Wheeling Avenue, the historic National Road / Route 40. Many of the buildings, including Gomber House, the Welcome Center, date back to the 1800’s.  Numerous shops and restaurants along the way enhance the experience for the growing number of visitors who have discovered this nostalgic Christmas treasure.